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Dr. Farima Yeganegi has been a family chiropractor in San Jose, CA for over 25 years. Currently, she provides chiropractic care for employees at a corporate Wellness Center in Cupertino. 25% of the employees that seek wellness appointments are for chiropractic care - to diagnose and treat health conditions associated with the body’s nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems, in particular the spine. Chiropractic is a smart choice because it does not involve invasive surgery or pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Farima specializes in biomechanics of the spine, helping to relieve pain caused by nerve interference, muscle tightness and posture misalignments. She works to restore joint mobility, posture and spinal integrity through chiropractic care. Common conditions treated include:


.  Back pain

.  Migraines

.  Headaches

.  Neck pain

.  Sports Injuries

.  Joint pain  






With more than 25 years experience, I have maintained an active practice,

helping thousands of people of all ages gain improved health and stamina.
With expertise in pain relief, I have been highly successful at treating symptoms associated with desk/computer use such as carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and tingling in hands, neck, shoulder, and back pain. Other areas of expertise include sports injury (knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow), head aches, TMJ and chronic pain. I augment my chiropractic patient care with deep knowledge of nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga and other mind/body modalities.


My main goal is to help educate you about the power within your body to heal itself, and to empower you to live a happy and healthy life.          ~ Dr. Farima 


Dr. Farima has been voted Chiropractor of the Year for several years in a row.

.  Numbness/tingling in arms and legs

.  Sciatica

.  Knee pain

.  Shoulder pain

.  Carpal Tunnel

.  TMJ

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